30-151 Rubber Cushion


3d iconVOE 1502144, VOE 1502352, VOE 1618777 and VOE 1623745 are one of the most sought-after parts of  Volvo construction equipment.



Volvo 1502144 - 30-151
30-151 Rubber Cushion 15,00 
Weight 1,047 kg
Dimensions 12,1 × 15,3 × 14,4 cm
BCE Code




OEM Number

1502144, 1502352, 1618777, 1623745, VOE 1502144, VOE 1502352, VOE 1618777, VOE 1623745

Compatible Models

5350, 5350B, 5350B 4X4, 5350B 6X4, A35, A35C, A40

Vehicle Type


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Volvo 1502144 Rubber Cushion

BCE Parts, as an automotive spare parts manufacturer, has been present in the industry for many years. The company stands out with the high quality and durability of the spare parts it produces. In this context, the Volvo 1502144 Rubber Cushion spare part produced by BCE Parts is also a recognized and preferred product in the industry.

The Volvo 1502144 Rubber Cushion spare part is one of the front suspension parts used in automobiles. This spare part minimizes the discomfort caused by the vibrations of the shock absorbers while driving. This increases driving pleasure and makes the vehicle driving more comfortable. Volvo 1502144 Rubber Cushion is designed especially for use in Volvo vehicles and stands out with its high quality.

Volvo 1502144 - 30-151
Volvo Construction Equipment Spare Parts Catalog

The 1502144 Rubber Cushion spare part produced by BCE Parts is manufactured using high-quality materials. Therefore, the spare part is durable and long-lasting. In addition, quality control and tests are applied strictly during BCE Parts’ production process. Thus, the high quality and performance of the product are guaranteed.

BCE Parts always puts customer satisfaction first with the spare parts it produces. In this context, it works to solve its customers’ problems by providing customer support services. Additionally, BCE Parts’ products are generally sold at reasonable prices. Thus, customers can protect their budgets and install high-performance spare parts on their vehicles by purchasing high-quality spare parts at affordable prices.

In conclusion, the 1502144 Rubber Cushion spare part produced by BCE Parts is a product that stands out with its high quality and performance. BCE Parts provides quality spare parts by always prioritizing customer satisfaction. Quality control and tests are strictly applied during the production process to guarantee the high quality of the products. Customers can purchase high-quality spare parts at affordable prices and install high-performance parts on their vehicles.

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