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Your personal data is processed within the scope of the Clarification Text. By pressing one of the "Register" buttons, you confirm that you have read and accepted the Membership Agreement, Explicit Consent Text.



As B.C.E. Kauçuk ve Metal San. Tic. Ltd. Şti (“BCE Parts” and/or “Our Company”), we are sensitive to the security and confidentiality of your data and personal data. With this awareness, we, as BCE Parts, attach great importance to the privacy of personal data and the careful processing of personal data.

Our company carries out personal data processing activities by the regulations in the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“Law”), global and local company policies, and other applicable laws.


Your data may vary depending on the products and services or commercial activities offered by BCE Parts, but they are collected orally, in writing, or electronically by automatic or non-automated methods. By creating and/or updating as long as you benefit from the services of our Company, your data can be processed by our Company to provide the best possible services within the following purposes

 – Your identity data, communication data, visual/audio data, resume data, etc., are collected during the Membership registration process via the Membership Agreement form on our website. Your data,- Using your contact form on our website, your identity information, contact information, etc. that you will place in the application you make to us. your data,

 -If you visit or browse our website, your digital trace data and cookie data will also be processed.

Your data,

Is being processed for; providing services of our Company, performing post-sales services, increasing customer satisfaction, responding to complaints and suggestions by evaluating them, performing statistical analyzes, fulfilling legal and regulatory requirements, providing necessary information in line with the demands and controls of official authorities, data security providing research, analysis, reporting, control, audit, etc. within the scope of the execution of the business processes of the company. Including the necessary services to be carried out, developing, compliance with legal regulations, Company rules, and policies purposes.

In addition, your data mentioned above can be processed within the framework of the obligations arising from legal regulations such as the Turkish Code of Obligations, the Turkish Commercial Code, Tax legislation and Law No. 5651, and other legislative provisions required by other authorized public authorities, and may be transferred to the physical archives and information systems of our Company and can be stored under both digital and physical environments.


Your data, within the scope of the Law and other legislation and for the purposes described in Article 2 of this Disclosure Text, is subject to the reason that requires it to be transferred and limited for this reason; Within the scope of the law and related regulations; It can be transferred to supervisory and regulatory public institutions and organizations (BTK, TÜİK courts, banks, etc.), auditors, companies offering software and hardware support services, and legally authorized individuals such as lawyers.


Your data may be collected by automatic or non-automatic means, by the establishment and/or performance of the contract, due to the legal obligation, the legitimate interest of the data controller, or the protection of the rights. Your data can be processed and transferred electronically via our website for the purposes specified in Articles 2 and 3 of this Disclosure Text by the basic principles stipulated in the Law within the scope of the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law.


Under the law; Learning whether your data is processed, requesting information if your data has been processed, knowing the purpose of processing your data and whether they are used by its purpose, knowing the third parties to whom your data has been transferred, requesting correction in case your data is incomplete or incorrectly processed. , requesting the deletion or destruction of your data, requesting the correction of their data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing, and/or deletion or deletion of personal data, notifying third parties to whom the personal data has been transferred, if your processed data is processed by analyzing exclusively through automated systems. the objection in case of a result, the processing of your data against the law You have the right to claim the loss, in case of loss.

Within the scope of the law, you can send your applications related to your data to our Company in writing by using one of the channels below.

Çalı Mahallesi 7. (410) Sokak No:5/1 Nilüfer/Bursa by providing your identity confirmation; or

 – From your REM address to our Company’s REM address; or 

– Officially through the Noter channel.

Our Company will finalize the application requests by Article 13 of the Law, according to the nature of the request and within thirty (30) days at the latest. However, we would like to point out that if your request requires expense by the mentioned article of the Law, this expense may be requested by our Company.

Declaration of Explicit Consent for Personal Data Processing Purposes

Pursuant to Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data and in accordance with the provisions of the Internet Platform Clarification Text I hereby consent with this declaration of consent below to processing of my personal data with the methods detailed under the Internet Platform Clarification Text which I can access at any time via the link:

Transferring Abroad: I hereby give my explicit consent to BCE Parts for sharing of my existing or later updated personal data with business partners, suppliers, and service providers located abroad for information technology services, marketing/advertisement activities, or consultancy services that require specialization.

Membership Agreement


This Membership Agreement (“Agreement”) has been executed by and between, B.C.E. Kauçuk ve Metal San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. (“Company”)  located at Çalı Mahallesi 7. (410) Sokak No:5/1 Nilüfer/Bursa, and the Member assenting to this Agreement (“Member”), during the registration stage of the website  (“Website/Site”), which is being managed by the Company.


User: Individuals and institutions visiting the Website without being a Member.

Membership Form: A document containing the Member’s information.

Disclosure: A document prepared to fulfill the Clarification Obligation by Article 10 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“KVKK”).


The subject matter of this Agreement is the determination of the Member’s rights and obligations in respect to the Member’s membership to the Website, which is owned and managed by the Company.

Member agrees that the Company, unilaterally and without prior notice, can reorganize the Website and make all kinds of changes in the services, products contained in the Website, other information provided in the Website (including but not limited to the names, descriptive information, visuals, prices, etc.), all kinds of contents including the Website’s terms of use and membership agreement, and that such changes shall be applicable starting from the time of their publication on the Website.


Assessment of pricing information and shopping for the products and services on the Website is only granted to the users who fill out the Membership Form and approve the legally binding agreement with the Company.

Member agrees and declares that she or he is above the age of 18 and that she or he has attained her or his majority under the Turkish Civil Code.

By becoming a member of the Website, All Members declare and undertake in advance that they have read the entirety of this agreement, fully understood its content, and have accepted and approved all its provisions.

Members declare and undertake in advance that the personal information they provide during and after membership is eligible in front of the law, and that the Company will indemnify all damages incurred by the fact that this information is misleading or incorrect.

The Members who have been temporarily suspended or banned indefinitely by the Company according to Article 10 of this Agreement, cannot benefit from the services provided on the Website.


The Website is a virtual marketplace where the products belonging to the Company or third parties are exhibited by the Company and offered for sale to the Members. The Company is the manager and the owner of this market place through the Website. The Company may be the direct manufacturer or provider of the products and services offered for sale on the Website, or it may be the representative, agency, or distributor of the products and services of third parties that it sells.

The company does not warrant the accuracy, completeness and up to datedness of the software, contents, materials enabling the Member’s utilization of the Website. The company is not liable for the delays, errors in the Website, or the operations performed by the Member based on the information and materials included in the Website or the direct and indirect damages incurred in consequence thereof.

Links belonging to internet sites and/or applications that are operated by third parties are not under Company’s control. Such connections’ presence on the Website does not indicate the Company’s approval of such connections, and Company is not responsible for the contents or policies of the platforms given access to. The risks on the use of these connections are at the Member’s responsibility.

In addition, the Company reserves the right to change the content of the Website, to change or terminate any service provided to the Members, or to delete the web registered user information and data on the Website at any time.


The Member, while making an offer, purchasing a product, in short, while performing all the actions in the system expressed by this Agreement, is obliged to comply with all applicable legislation, to pay any penalties, negative and positive damages that may occur and accepts and undertakes not to hold the Company responsible for any reason and not to claim compensation.

Without the written consent of the Company, Members cannot transfer their rights and obligations arising from this Agreement to any third party as in whole or in part.

If the Company does not have a direct or indirect connection with the transactions operated on the Website,  The Member shall not hold the Company, its representatives and employees responsible for any known or unknown, suspicious or undisclosed, claims, demands, and/or damages that may arise as a result of the transactions made on the Website and these disputes. Member accepts and declares in advance not to demand any compensation under name or justification and to exempt it from all kinds of demands directed to itself by third parties and institutions by becoming a member of the Website and approving this Agreement.

Member shall not use the Website in violation of the law and morals, particularly the circumstances listed below:

Use of the Website for creating, controlling, updating, or modifying database, record, or directory in the name of any person;

Use of a part of or the entire Website for impairing, modification, or reverse engineering purposes;

Performing operations by using false information or another person’s information, creating fake member accounts by using false or misleading personal data including false or misleading residence address, electronic mail address, contact, payment or account information, and use of these accounts in violation of the Agreement or the applicable legislation, unauthorized use of another Member’s account, being a party to or participating in operations by impersonating others or with a false name;

Spread of any technology or virus that will cause harm to the Website, to its database;


The pricing information regarding the products and services listed by the Company on the Website content, can only be viewed by individuals or institutions that fulfill the terms of the Contract and become a Member. In other words; visitors who are not members of the Website cannot access pricing information regarding the products and services displayed on the Website. Again, the authority to shop on the Website is reserved only for individuals or institutions that are Members.


Within the scope of this Agreement, the information provided by the Members through registration, bidding, product display or other methods will be referred to as Membership Information. The legal responsibility of the Membership Information belongs entirely to the Members.  Membership Information;

a) Cannot be fake, false or deceptive.

b) Cannot be for fraudulent purposes and cannot be related to the sale of counterfeit or stolen products.

f) May not contain slanderous, insulting, unlawfully threatening or harassing content.

g) It cannot contain any viruses or programs that may damage the system and personal information of the Users and/or the Company.

h) It cannot bring any legal and/or financial liability to the Comapny by partially or completely affecting Internet Service Providers or other internet connection services.

c) Cannot violate the copyright, patent, registered trademark or proprietary rights of third parties, persons and institutions.

d) Cannot violate the openness or confidentiality policies of third parties, individuals and institutions.

e) May not violate any law, statute or regulation (including consumer rights, unfair competition, false advertising).


When the Member assents to the Disclosure included in the Website and other personal data protection policies included in Website, they are also deemed to have agreed that their data will be used in compliance with the relevant Disclosure and personal data protection policies. 

The company has the right to process and share the Member’s data, collected by the methods via the channels as specified under the Disclosure, in compliance with Law No. 6698 On Protection of Personal Data and the Disclosure. Disclosure shall constitute an integral part of this Agreement.


In case of acts contrary to this Agreement or other agreements on the Website and the documents contained in these agreements, the membership of the Members may be temporarily or completely canceled at the discretion of the Company, without the need for any warning. In case the membership is terminated by the Company, the Members will not be able to benefit from the services and products offered by the Website.

The member accepts this situation in advance. In these cases, the Company has no legal responsibility.


Unless expressly specified in the Agreement, none of the Parties is and may act in the capacity of a representative and/or an agent of the other Party under this Agreement, none of the Parties may assume any liability on behalf of the other Party and in no way perform any binding transaction on behalf of the other Party without written permission. No respect included herein shall be construed as a joint venture, agency, partnership, or client-attorney, the employer-employee relationship between the Parties.


Even if one or more of the articles of this Agreement become invalid or in violation of existing laws, the others remain valid.

Members’ actions in violation of this Agreement will be subject to legal action, without prejudice to all legal rights of the Company. The company’s failure to respond promptly to acts contrary to the Agreement does not mean that legal rights will be waived and the matter will not be followed up if the same behavior is repeated.


This Agreement shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the Republic of Turkey. Any dispute arising from or in connection with this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Istanbul (Çağlayan) Courts and Execution Offices.


All kinds of notifications and warnings to be made to the parties related to this Agreement will be made via the Company’s e-mail address and the Member’s e-mail address specified in the membership form. The Member accepts that the address specified during the membership phase is the valid legal notification address, in case of change, will notify the other party in writing within 5 days, otherwise, the notifications to this address will be considered valid.


Each clause of this Agreement consisting of sixteen (16) clauses has been read and understood by the Member. This Agreement shall take effect upon the registiration of the Member.


In any dispute resolution process originating from or in connection with this Agreement, Parties official books and commercial records and all kinds of records kept by the Company including but not limited to the e-archive records, electronic information and computer records stored in Company’s databases and servers shall constitute exclusive evidence under Article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedure No. 6100.