Suitable For: Caterpillar

BCE Code: 40-167

8G-4189 Bearing

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8G-4189 (8G4189) Bearing is one of the most sought-after parts of Caterpillar construction equipment.

BCE Number40-167
OEM Number(s)8G-4189
Weight0.98 kg (2.17 lb)
Dimensions9 x 9 x 4.39 cm (3.55 x 3.55 x 1.73 in)
Vehicle TypeCompactor, Excavator, Wheeled Excavators
Compatible ModelsCP-34, CP-433C, CP-433E, CP-533C, CP-533D, CP-563C, CP-563D, CP-563E, CS-34, CS-433C, CS-433E, CS-533C, CS-533D, CS-563C, CS-563D, CS-563E, CS68B, M312, M313C, M313D, M314F, M315, M315C, M315D, M315D2, M315F, M316C, M316D, M316F, M317D2, M317F, M318, M318C, M318D, M318D MH, M318F, M320D2, M320F

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Caterpillar 8G-4189 Bearing

The 8G-4189 heavy machinery spare part is an essential component widely used in various heavy machinery applications, particularly in the construction, mining, and agricultural industries. This part is crucial for ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of heavy machinery, significantly contributing to their overall performance and longevity.

The 8G-4189 spare part is designed to improve the functionality and efficiency of various components within heavy machinery. It is commonly used in critical systems such as hydraulic systems, engine components, and structural parts, ensuring that the machinery operates smoothly and effectively under diverse conditions.

This spare part is manufactured from high-strength metal alloys, which provide excellent resistance to high pressure, wear, and harsh working environments. The use of durable materials ensures that the part can withstand significant stress and strain, resulting in a longer service life and reliable performance.

The 8G-4189 is specifically designed to be compatible with certain brands and models of heavy machinery. Ensuring proper compatibility is crucial for achieving optimal performance and preventing operational issues. It is important to verify the compatibility information with the specific machine model before installation.

Regular maintenance and proper installation are essential for maximizing the part’s lifespan and maintaining its performance. Routine maintenance helps in preserving the efficiency of the part and minimizing the risk of unexpected failures.

The 8G-4189 provides outstanding resistance to challenging working conditions, ensuring long-term durability. Constructed from premium metal alloys, this part offers excellent protection against wear and tear, enhancing its reliability. This part significantly improves the overall performance of the machinery, optimizing operational efficiency. The robust construction reduces the frequency of required maintenance, thereby lowering maintenance costs and downtime.

The 8G-4189 heavy machinery spare part is a high-quality, durable component that is essential for the reliable and efficient operation of heavy machinery. By enhancing machine performance, reducing maintenance costs, and ensuring long-term operational efficiency, this part is a valuable asset in industrial applications. Its robust construction and compatibility with specific machinery models make it an indispensable component for maintaining productivity and extending the lifespan of heavy machinery in demanding environments. This part plays a critical role in improving the overall functionality and efficiency of machines, making it a key contributor to the success of various industrial operations.


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