30-126 Bearing


VOE 4941208 and VOE 48211586 are one of the most sought-after parts of Volvo construction equipment.

30-126 Volvo Bearing
30-126 Bearing 212,00 
Weight 5,635 kg
Dimensions 10,8 × 10,8 × 20,3 cm
BCE Code




OEM Number

48211586, 4941208

Compatible Models

5350B, 5350B 4X4, 5350B 6X4, 860, 861, A20, A20 6X4, A20C, A25, A25 4X4, A25 6X4, A25B, A25B 4X4, A25C, A25C 4X4, A30, A30C

Vehicle Type


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Volvo 4941208 Bearing

BCE Parts is known worldwide for producing high-quality spare parts. The company aims to provide long-term solutions to its customers by designing spare parts for various vehicle brands. One of these vehicle brands is Volvo, and BCE Parts produces spare parts for various Volvo models.

In this article, we will provide information about the Volvo 4941208 Bearing spare part. This spare part is a bearing part used in various models of Volvo vehicles. It is made from high-quality materials and produced using high-precision manufacturing techniques. Therefore, it is long-lasting and durable.

BCE Parts uses the latest technologies in the production of its spare parts. This ensures that each spare part is manufactured to high quality standards. Additionally, the company places great importance on quality control processes and aims to provide customers with the best performance by subjecting each spare part to rigorous testing.

Volvo Construction Equipment Spare Parts Catalog

The Volvo 4941208 Bearing spare part is incorporated into the vehicle’s steering system and ensures that the wheels turn correctly. Therefore, the quality and proper functionality of the spare part are crucial for vehicle driving. BCE Parts understands the critical functions of its spare parts and designs each spare part to optimize its performance.

BCE Parts aims to provide a safe and reliable driving experience to vehicle owners with its high-quality spare parts. The Volvo 4941208 Bearing spare part has been manufactured to meet this goal and is optimized to provide customers with the best performance. The expert team at BCE Parts works to provide spare part solutions tailored to customer needs.

In conclusion, the Volvo 4941208 Bearing spare part is a high-quality spare part produced by BCE Parts. It is made from long-lasting and durable materials and serves a critical function in the vehicle’s steering system. BCE Parts aims to maximize customer satisfaction with its high-quality spare parts, and the Volvo 4941208 Bearing is no exception.

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