Suitable For: Bell

70-115 Spherical Bearing


203739, 214231, BN024647, BN062998 Spherical Bearing is an aftermarket spare part suitable for Bell. Detailed information about the product is available below, contact us for price information.

Weight9,5 kg
Dimensions13,9 × 13,9 × 23,3 cm


BCE Code


OEM Number

203739, 214231, BN024647, BN062998

Compatible Models

B25D, B30D, B35D, B40D, B45D, B50D

Vehicle Type


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Bell 203739 Spherical Bearing

BCE Parts is a leading spare parts manufacturer, and the Bell 203739 Spherical Bearing is one of its most important spare parts. This high-quality spare part is a crucial component of the rotor system for airplanes and helicopters. The 203739 Spherical Bearing is made from high-temperature-resistant materials and is long-lasting.

The Bell 203739 Spherical Bearing is produced using high-quality steel and titanium alloys. These materials are resistant to high temperatures and resistant to wear and tear. Therefore, the spare part performs excellently even under extreme conditions. The bearing is mounted on the rods that rotate the rotor at high speed and also reduces the rotor’s vibration.

In addition to the 203739 Spherical Bearing, BCE Parts produces many other high-quality spare parts. The company is globally recognized for the high quality and reliability of its products. BCE Parts continuously provides innovative solutions to meet its customers’ needs, and it also designs customized products for its customers.

203739 Spherical Bearing

BCE Parts not only provides high-quality spare parts but also offers high-quality services to its customers. The company provides customized services to meet its customers’ needs and prioritizes customer satisfaction. BCE Parts offers technical support, fast delivery, and competitive prices to its customers.

In conclusion, BCE Parts is a leading manufacturer of high-quality spare parts. The 203739 Spherical Bearing is one of the company’s most important spare parts and is an essential component of the rotor system for airplanes and helicopters. BCE Parts is globally recognized for providing high-quality products and services to its customers.


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