40-118 Bearing Spherical


148-5563 Bearing Spherical is one of the most sought-after parts of Caterpillar construction equipment.

Caterpillar Bearing Spherical
40-118 Bearing Spherical 147,00 
Weight 3,08 kg
Dimensions 18,9 × 5,2 × 9,2 cm
BCE Code




OEM Number

1485563, 148-5563

Vehicle Type

Compatible Models

725, 725C, 725C2, 730, 730C, 730C2, 730C2 EJ, D250E II, D300E II


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Caterpillar 1485563 Bearing Spherical

The high performance and safety of Caterpillar Articulated Trucks depend on the selection of the right spare parts. In the construction industry, selecting the right spare parts is crucial for equipment to function properly. Caterpillar 1485563 Bearing Spherical, is a significant example of these parts. This spare part regulates the movement between rotating components of construction equipment and increases its functionality.

The Bearing Spherical spare parts of Caterpillar Articulated Trucks are subjected to high pressure and friction. Therefore, a high-quality Bearing Spherical is essential for long-lasting and safe transportation. BCE Parts applies strict quality control tests to ensure the quality of Bearing Spherical spare parts used in Caterpillar Articulated Trucks.

BCE Parts is a company that specializes in providing spare parts for the construction industry. In addition to Caterpillar 1485563 Bearing Spherical spare parts used in Caterpillar Articulated Trucks, it provides many other spare parts for other construction equipment. These spare parts are designed to meet different needs in the construction industry and are produced in compliance with high-quality standards.

BCE Parts works to offer its customers the highest quality spare parts. Selecting the right spare part is crucial to ensure the functionality and safety of construction equipment. By providing a wide range of spare parts, including Bearing Spherical spare parts for Caterpillar Articulated Trucks, it meets the needs of its customers.

In conclusion, the construction industry depends on selecting the right spare parts to work in accordance with high-performance and safety standards. BCE Parts offers a wide range of products to meet the spare part needs of the construction industry, including Bearing Spherical spare parts used in Caterpillar Articulated Trucks. Selecting the right spare parts enhances the efficiency and safety of construction equipment.

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