Suitable For: Volvo

BCE Code: 30-244

11989787 Sealing Ring

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VOE 11989787 Sealing Ring is an aftermarket spare part suitable for Volvo. Detailed information about the product is available below, contact us for price information.

BCE Number30-244
OEM Number(s)11989787, 11989826, 1650269, 1656787
Weight0.02 kg (0.04 lb)
Dimensions26.9 x 26.9 x 1.2 cm (10.59 x 10.59 x 0.47 in)
Vehicle TypeArticulated Truck
Compatible ModelsA25D, A25E, A25F, A25G, A30, A30C, A30D, A30E, A30F, A30G, A35, A35C, A35D, A35E, A35F, A35G, A40, A40D, A40E, A40F, A40G, T450D

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Volvo 11989787 Sealing Ring

At BCE Parts, we take pride in manufacturing high-quality spare parts, and one of our notable products is the Volvo 11989787 Sealing Ring. This specific spare part serves as a seal in the engines of Volvo brand vehicles. Seals play a crucial role by providing a secure barrier between engine components, ensuring effective sealing.

The Volvo 11989787 is designed to function as a seal on the top of the oil filter within the engine’s lubrication system. Its significance lies in its ability to prevent leaks and facilitate the proper circulation of the correct amount of oil throughout the engine. By maintaining optimal lubrication, this sealing ring contributes to the overall performance and functionality of the engine.

When manufacturing the Volvo 11989787 Sealing Ring, BCE Parts utilizes high-quality materials that exhibit exceptional resistance to high temperatures, pressure, and wear. These materials are carefully chosen and specifically engineered to deliver a reliable seal for this spare part. To guarantee the utmost quality, we subject all our produced spare parts to rigorous testing and adhere to stringent quality control procedures.

In summary, BCE Parts is a leading manufacturer of high-quality spare parts, and our Volvo 11989787 stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. As you explore our extensive range of spare parts, we invite you to discover the reliability and performance enhancement that BCE Parts brings to construction equipment. Trust in our brand, BCE Parts, and experience the difference our OEM-based spare parts can make for your Volvo vehicles.