Suitable For: Bomag

110-118 Vibration Pad

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110-118 Vibration Pad is an aftermarket spare part suitable for Bomag. Detailed information about the product is available below, contact us for price information.

BCE Number110-118
OEM Number(s)06119397
Weight3.65 kg (8.05 lb)
Dimensions16.1 x 16.1 x 17 cm (6.34 x 6.34 x 6.69 in)
Vehicle TypeCompactor
Compatible ModelsBW 141 AD-4, BW 141 AD-4 AM, BW 144 AC, BW 144 AD, BW 151 AC-4, BW 151 AD-4, BW 154 AD, BW 154 AD-4, BW 154 AD-4 AM, BW 161 AC, BW 161 AC-2, BW 161 AC-4, BW 161 AD, BW 161 AD-4, BW 161 AD-E, BW 161 ADH-4, BW 161 ADS, BW 164 AC, BW 164 AC-2, BW 164 AD, BW 164 AD-2, BW 164 ADS, BW 170 AD, BW 170 AD AM, BW 170 AD-2 AM, BW 172 AD, BW 172 AD-2, BW 172 D-2, BW 172 PD-2, BW 172 PDB-2, BW 174 AD, BW 174 AD AM, BW 174 AD AM-2, BW 174 AD-2, BW 184 AD AM, BW 202 AD, BW 202 AD-2, BW 202 ADH, BW 202 ADH-2, BW154 AC

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110-118 Vibration Pad

BCE Parts is a leading manufacturer in the spare parts industry, operating for years. The company ensures industrial equipment lasts longer by offering a wide range of spare parts. BCE Parts is also a prominent manufacturer with its product, 110-118 Vibration Pad.

110-118 Vibration Pad is a spare part used mainly in Bomag rollers, especially in road construction and repair. This spare part helps to reduce the roller’s vibration, thus creating a smoother surface. In turn, it contributes to a more durable and valuable road.

Vibration Pad is made of high-quality materials and has a long service life. Besides, it is an eco-friendly product that helps reduce waste. Therefore, the Bomag Vibration Pad is an economically and environmentally advantageous choice.

BCE Parts prioritizes customer satisfaction while producing high-quality spare parts such as 110-118. The company offers solutions tailored to customers’ needs, making their work easier. BCE Parts products are manufactured in compliance with international quality standards and have a reliable reputation worldwide.

BCE Parts continuously follows new technologies and uses the latest manufacturing methods to apply high-quality standards to its products. This ensures that the company offers the best quality and enhances its products’ performance.

In conclusion, BCE Parts prioritizes customer satisfaction and eco-friendly production while producing high-quality spare parts like 110-118. The company will continue to offer the best service, maintaining its leading position in the industry.


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