110-123 Vibration Pad


06116912, 06118312 Vibration Pad is an aftermarket spare part suitable for Bomag. Detailed information about the product is available below, contact us for price information.

110-123 Vibration Pad 35,00 
Weight 0,392 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 9 cm


BCE Code


OEM Number

06116912, 06118312

Compatible Models

BW 100 AC, BW 100 AC-2, BW 100 AC-3, BW 100 ACM-5, BW 100 AD, BW 100 AD-2, BW 100 AD-3, BW 100 ADM, BW 100 ADM-2, BW 100 ADM-5, BW 100 SC-5, BW 100 SCC-5, BW 120 AC, BW 120 AC-2, BW 120 AC-3, BW 120 AD, BW 120 AD – H, BW 120 AD-2, BW 120 AD-3, BW 130 AD, BW 135 AC, BW 135 AD, BW 138 AC, BW 80 AD-2, BW 80 AD-5, BW 80 ADS, BW 90 AC, BW 90 AC-2, BW 90 AD, BW 90 AD-2, BW 90 AD-5, BW 90 SC-5, MPH 125, MPH 600, RS 460

Vehicle Type



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The Bomag 06116912 Vibration Pad is a high-quality spare part produced by BCE Parts. This part is a vibration pad used in various construction machines of the Bomag brand. Bomag is a brand known for its quality in the construction sector for many years. BCE Parts is specifically designed to produce high-quality spare parts that are compatible with Bomag’s high-quality construction equipment.

The Bomag 06116912 Vibration Pad helps Bomag equipment work more efficiently due to its excellent vibration absorption properties. This spare part is durable against environmental factors and is designed for long-term use. BCE Parts places great importance on the quality of spare parts produced for Bomag brand equipment and therefore uses high-quality materials.

BCE Parts is known as a manufacturer of high-quality spare parts. These parts are specifically designed for heavy equipment used in the construction sector. As an expert in producing high-quality spare parts, BCE Parts continuously uses innovative technologies to meet their customers’ expectations.

BCE Parts continuously uses innovative technologies to produce high-quality spare parts. This continuously improves the quality of their products. The Bomag 06116912 Vibration Pad meets BCE Parts’ high-quality standards.


BCE Parts designs its products as a company that places great importance on customer satisfaction. To meet their customers’ needs, BCE Parts continuously checks the quality of their products. Therefore, if there are any errors or defects in products such as the 06116912 Vibration Pad, they offer solutions such as returns and exchanges to their customers.

BCE Parts also offers customer support services to provide excellent service to its customers. They have an expert team to respond to their customers’ questions and problems. In addition, they also provide a regularly updated website for their customers. Customers can obtain information about BCE Parts’ products through this website.

In conclusion, the Bomag 06116912 Vibration Pad is a high-quality spare part that BCE Parts has produced for Bomag brand construction equipment. BCE Parts continuously improves the quality of its products using innovative technologies. BCE Parts aims to meet its customers’ needs and offers customer support services to ensure customer satisfaction.

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