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With our new website BCE Parts, we are able to search with BCE and OEM codes for the products you look for. Also by brands, part names, or old reference numbers…

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Main Sections

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Engines are machines that provide power by converting heat energy into mechanical energy.


Brake is a system that slows down or stops the vehicle in motion and stabilizes the parked vehicle.

Frame & Body

Basically it is the skeleton system of a vehicle. This skeleton system holds the parts of the vehicle together, combines all the parts, including the floor and the body.

Exterior Trim

Parts which are constructed from metal and plastics, used for housing and giving robust protection to the rest of the integrated systems of the vehicle.


The parts that consist the system which transmit the power driven from the generator or engine for motion to the dynamic components.


Steering is the tool that manages the system made up of a series of parts that help to steer the vehicle in the desired direction.

Suspension System

Suspension is a system that minimizes the vibration of the vehicle caused by potholes, bumps or bumps on the road.

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System; The work of using liquid fluid to generate and transmit force and motion is called


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“OE” stands for Original Equipment (Genuine Part); “OEM” stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. On our site, we use OE and OEM interchangeably.

Backhoe loaders are a type of heavy machinery designed for multiple uses such as construction, excavation, transporting light building materials, small demolitions, and paving of roads. Backhoe loaders are built differently with each design built to specialize to a specific function. These designs may vary in terms of size, versatility, and rotation thus one should select the machine that best suits their needs.

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