110-116 Vibration Pad

Suitable For: Bomag

Vibration Pad is an aftermarket spare part suitable for Bomag. Detailed information about the product is available below, contact us for price information.

Bomag OE Reference Number: 066119395

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Weight 3.68 kg
Dimensions 16.1 × 16.1 × 16.5 cm


BCE Code




Compatible Models

BW 141 AD-2, BW 144 AC-2 AM, BW 144 AD-2, BW 144 AD-2 AM, BW 151 AC-2, BW 151 AD-2, BW 151 ADH-2, BW 154 AD-2, BW 154 AD-2 AM, BW 161 AD-4, BW 170 AD, BW 174 AD, BW 174 AD AM, BW 174 AD AM-2, BW 174 AD-2, BW 184 AD AM-2, BW 184 AD-2, BW 190 AD-4, BW 190 AD-4 AM, BW 212 D, BW 212 D (2A), BW 212 D-2, BW 212 D-2 (2A), BW 212 PD, BW 212 PD-2, BW 213 D, BW 213 D (2A), BW 213 D US, BW 213 D-2, BW 213 D-2 (2A), BW 213 DH-2, BW 213 DH-2 (2A), BW 213 PD, BW 213 PD US, BW 213 PD-2, BW 213 PDB, BW 213 PDB US, BW 213 PDH, BW 213 PDH-2, BW 214 D, BW 214 D US, BW 214 PD

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